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Gardening Fairies

Being a Horticulture graduate, Grieza has always been a plant enthusiast, specifically interested in food-bearing plants. She wasn't very keen on ornamentals before, since she was interested only in plants that could provide food. However, her partner, Rochell, fell in love with ornamental plants, like cacti and succulents, and started collecting. Now, they have a variety of these lovely plants!

When Rochell started posting pictures of her collection on Facebook and Instagram, she caught the attention of her friends, who were curious about where she got them from and for how much. Realizing that these plants were well-loved by many, they decided to make a business out of it. Their first customers were their friends, who bought a couple of plants at first. But as time went by, they kept buying more because they became obsessed with it!

Now, Grieza and Rochell are expanding their horizons by finally putting up a website where they can cater to more plant enthusiasts in the Philippines.


What are our customers saying?

Whether you’re looking for a small ornamental plant to decorate your desk with, or a medium-sized plant to liven up the corner of your room, there’s always one you can find here at Green Amy!

Once I started buying succulents, I couldn’t stop! They are addictive and I love how they make my home office so pretty! Thanks to Grieza and Rochell for the smooth transaction!

Jennifer L. Student

I am a newbie plant mom and my first choice was a succulent because they are low maintenance. Glad I found Green Amy!

Cory T.

I’m a plant collector and always on the lookout for new shops to buy them from. Many thanks to Rochell and (insert name) of Green Amy for accommodating my orders and answering all my queries.

Shiela R. Plant Collector

Plants make me happy. I like how nice the cacti and succulents there are for sale at Green Amy. Now, I can’t stop buying!!!

Hazel R. Student


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