Best indoor plants for your home

Got your dream-apartment set? Have all the furniture intact? Still, think something’s missing? Well, we have a perfect solution. If you already have the sofas, tables, chairs, and decoration set, there is only one that might be missing. The Plants.

Indoor plants not only make your home feel fresh but also has numerous inimitable advantages as well. Rather than opting for tons of vases and pots, it always good to go a little green. The best thing about the indoor plants is that they take up very little space, don’t require high-maintenance and last for years without withering. Astonishing, right?

There is an array of distinctive plant types to choose from. Whether you want something huge or just a small plant pot for a table, there is everything you can find. For all those people out there, eager to plant the finest greens in their homes, here is the list of some indoor plants which will make your home fresh, clean and lively. Have a look.


The reason why keeping a money plant is recommended mainly because it keeps the air fresh and healthy by filtering the formaldehyde from the indoor air. Not only this, but it also looks beautiful hanging around the frames, consoles, and walls as well. So, whenever you are looking for an indoor plant, make sure you prefer beautiful money plants.

Every one of you has already seen a money plant already, right? For those of you who haven’t, the money plant is a vine which is usually kept in small jars or old bottles full of water where it grows without requiring any special maintenance. Money plants have greenish-yellow tinted leaves which grow in the form of a vine and can be used as a perfect hanging decoration.


Recognized for its astounding heart-shaped flowers, Anthurium is considered as one of the most beautiful indoor plants. The dark pink heart-shaped flower neatly held upwards with a thin bottle green stem makes the plant exquisite and unique. Not only this, it requires intermediate care, which means you don’t have to spend the entire day looking after it.

Moreover, the waxy texture of the flower along with the protruding stem gives it an exclusive look, perfect for a sophisticated lounge. This makes Anthurium the best choice for your home.


The spiky solid leaves and the seamless appearance makes the snake plant one of the best options for your dining room. The roots are one of the most incomparable features of the snake plant, as they grow straight up from the base. Not only this, there is a health benefit of the plant as well. Since it produces oxygen at night; you can keep it in your bedroom to sleep relaxed and comfortable. Isn’t it amazing?


If you are looking for matchless broad-leaved plants, then alocasia should be your number one choice. The plant has one leaf on each stem, which makes it peculiarly seamless. Moreover, the plant has a lot of variations as well, some leaves are thick, and some have white veins, while others have string rays. The only problem is that they dry out between watering and needs regular misting to stay fresh and alive.

Alocasia is a wonderful plant to keep in your bedroom, drawing room, window sill, and even your washroom. They look amazing, almost everywhere. So, the next time you are on your hunt to get the complete indoor plant range, make sure you have alocasia in the list.


If you are fond of flowers and flowering plants than Chrysanthemums should always be the one. The Chrysanthemums are vividly colored flowering plants which are perfect for your home windows and bright spots. You can also keep it in your room if you like though. Just make sure they are directly exposed to sunlight. The large flowers and the bushy leaves give it a lively and refreshing look making your whole space and aura reviving. The best thing is that the Chrysanthemums work as an air-purifier 24 hours a day, eliminating all the harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the surrounding. Hence, keeping a Chrysanthemums is always the best choice if you want your room to look striking and picture-perfect.


If you are on your hunt to find perfect plant pots for your office than Ficus can be one of the options. Due to its striking and conspicuous appearance, the plant looks peerless and exquisite on the side desk in your office. The reason why this plant is opted by most of the people for their offices is mainly that it requires minimal maintenance. Just keep it in bright and indirect sunlight, and you are good to go. Another thing which you need to keep in mind is that without on-and-off misting the leaves of the plants tend to die.

The disadvantage of the plant is that it may irritate if touched continuously; therefore, make sure you are not touching it all the time. Otherwise, due to its appearance, it can be the finest focal plant for your office room.


Red-edged dracaena, which is also referred to as the dragon tree, is one of the finest indoor plants. The unique and seamless leaves make it completely different from the usual indoor plant range. The best part of the plant is that it can easily handle low light conditions, which means you won’t have to find the specific light spot to keep it alive and fresh. It also helps in removing harmful chemicals like trichloroethylene from the air making your home fresh and brisk again.


Every one of you who is fond of flowers here is the perfect indoor plant for you. The exquisite and sophisticated look along with the revitalizing smell makes it perfect for bedrooms, drawing rooms, and offices. It is an enlivening low maintenance plant which makes the environment brisk and fresh all the time.

The plant has to bug lush green leaves with a gorgeous lily flower on top, which makes it perfect for every indoor place. Since the plant doesn’t require heavy sunlight and can easily survive in low light and shade as well. Therefore it is considered as the most suitable plant for your indoor decoration.


The plant is perfect for keeping behind your sofas or at your entrance door. The bamboo plant is mainly known to keep the inner air of your room fresh and anti-toxic removing all the benzene and formaldehyde from the room. The leaves of the plants are bushy and long, which makes compliments almost every room and space. So, if you want your kids to be in a comfortable and refreshing environment, make sure you have a bamboo plant in your home.


Golden Pothos is flowering plants without flowers. The plant is quite similar to the money plant but is specifically known for regions with temperate temperatures. You can keep the plants in the pot and let them hang in your garage, terrace, or balcony. Moreover, the Golden Pathos is also referred to as the hanging plant, which makes it most suitable for open spaces. Golden Pathos doesn’t require high maintenance and can easily grow in low temperatures without too much sunlight. Quite amazing, right?


Even though the Boston fern can grow quite large, but it is still considered an elegant and sophisticated indoor plant for your dining room, drawing room, washrooms, and lounge. They mostly grow well in humid places and require soft natural light.

If you want your room to be fresh, revitalizing and refreshing than a Boston fern is certainly the plant of your type. Having the highest formaldehyde removal efficiency, a Boston fern is considered to compliment every indoor space easily. The best part is that these ferns are completely non-toxic, which means you can also keep it in a room with kids.


The rubber plant is directly related to Ficus. Yeah, that came as a surprise to me as well, but according to the studies, many botanists classify it under the Ficus family as well. The big rubbery leaves and a firm stem gives it a strong and sturdy appearance too. The rubber plant is one of the most common indoor plants. All you need to do is keep them in low sunlight and moist all the time. They do require some maintenance, which is why you need to be there to water them almost all the time. Using room temperature water and misted all the time keeps the plant vitalizing and refreshing.

This list is the compilation of the highly recommended indoor plants. Almost every one of them keeps your room refreshing and energizing; therefore, having one is not such a bad idea.

Wise words said by Jenny Uglow;

“We might think we are nurturing our plants, but of course it’s the plant which are nurturing us.”

So, if you want a fresh, clean and enlivening environment make sure you start collecting these indoor plants. Trust me; you’ll feel the difference for yourself.

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