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Cacti & Succulents Plants

Growing these ornamental plants can be quite an addictive hobby! Although they have similarities, it should be known that while all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti.

Cacti and succulents have become popular in recent years, especially because they are easy to care for even when you don’t have a green thumb. Being low maintenance, they are the ideal choice for newbie plant owners. However, as with any type of gardening, you have to know what you’re dealing with before you get started in order for your cacti and succulents to thrive.

With over ten thousand succulent plant varieties there are all over the world, it is important to know which suits you best in terms of location, climate, and space.

Some of the easiest cacti and succulents varieties to grow include Aloe, Echinocactus, Euphorbia, Ferocactus, and Lithops. These types can usually thrive on neglect, but don’t forget to provide basic care to keep them alive as long as you can.