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Indoor gardening is an enjoyable, worthwhile hobby for all ages. And as you get into gardening, you would need to have the proper tools to get you started.

Flowering Plants

Rose, Orchids, Lilies, Azaleas & more

Fertilizers & Boosters

Vermicast, Soil, Coconut Coir & more

Vegetables and Herbs

Lettuces, Parsley, Chives & more


Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & more

Gardening Tools & Accessories

Scissors, Shears, Rakes, Gloves & more

Before you start growing your own garden, you need to acquire the basic tools and materials for a smooth-sailing process. Make a checklist of all the stuff you need and let us help you find them.

Whether it be planters, fertilizers, gardening tools, seeds, or pre-potted live plants, we’re sure you’ll find something here!

The plants we sell here are easy to take care of and keep alive, which is why we sell them! We want you to be able to grow the greens without sacrificing too much of your time, especially if you’re often running on a busy schedule. Whether or not you have the so-called “green thumb,” our ornamental plants will prove tough enough to survive as long as you make sure to provide basic care for their low-maintenance needs.